Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update and another six month review...

I have slacked for quite a while now. Between planning and preparing for a wedding, working in the singles ward, going to school, moving to an apartment, and spending time with my sweetheart, writing here became a much lower priority. I do believe that I'm overdue for a six month review, but first, I'm going to start with an update.
I don't believe it was too long after my last post that Kayley and I found the perfect apartment. We wandered around Utah County looking at four-plexes, duplexes, single family apartments, and even a mother-in-law apartment or two. Now, the first mother-in-law "suite", (if it can be called that), was situated above a garage. The garage was full of junk and garbage. To get to the apartment, one had to open a door that was hanging by a single hinge, the other two having long since given out. That's not to mention that the house was located in a very isolated neighborhood near some farm fields. I would've taken a four-plex apartment over that place. The feeling was just awful.
We wouldn't let this get us down, however. There were still two more apartments for rent that we had pulled from KSL. The next one took a little work to find the address. The address was at a beautiful home in an older, quite, developed neighborhood. Just knocking on the door, we felt so much better spiritually. The difference was certainly a night to day one. We walked into the apartment, this one also a mother-in-law set-up, and just knew that we wanted to live there. We put in our applications, said a prayer, and crossed our fingers. A week or so later, the landlord called me to give me the green light, with one condition. At least one of us had to move in sometime in February. My aunt, Cristy, was moving right around the first part of the month, so I volunteered to move on the 1st of February.
Later after being called about the apartment, I received another piece of good news. eBay was calling me to say they wanted me to come to work for them. I would be in a training class for 6 weeks, but they didn't have enough people to fill the class yet. The recruiter wanted to let me know that I would have a job at eBay and that she would call me back as soon as they had a start date for the class.
The rest of January was filled with stuff. Kayley surprised me with a cake and a thousand pieces of paper wishing me a happy birthday. We posed and posed for our engagement/invite/announcement pictures. I was still attending school. I filled out job applications like a madman just looking for something to do while I waited for eBay to pull through on a date.
In February I executed a move of my own, helped Cristy with her move, sent out a bundle of wedding announcements, spent a weekend in Smithfield, took Kayley to the Orem Institute Valentines' Dance, worked on my car some more, and spent time with Kayley.
Now March was eventful. eBay finally called with a start date that worked for me. I stopped in Bountiful to see my American Greeny, Chris Yates. I was married in the temple to the love of my life. We missed a flight to New York, so we spent a week in California instead.
Thus far, I'm loving married life :D
So, the last six months really shook things up. From proposing to getting married. Moving into my own place. Fixing my car numerous times. Getting a new job, which I am loving. Yup, life is good around here.