Sunday, November 28, 2010

Marriage Prep 101

I read it and enjoyed it. There's some special meaning in it for me, especially since I'm now engaged... - New Era Article - Marriage Prep 101

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Much time has passed since I last wrote and much has transpired since my last entry. It has been nearly two months. Allow me to catch up and then I am overdue for a six-month review.
First, a beautiful relationship with Kayley Downs has developed. We have made church and temple attendance a part of what we do together since we started dating. We have also mingled in there service, travel, dining out, and reading. Things are going very well, to say the least. We speak open, and frequently, of marriage.
Second, my work with the city of Saratoga Springs has come to a close. My employ with them was but a seasonal job and as such they can only keep me for a total of six months in a year.
Third, I have spent a large amount of time working on my dad's farm. I am striving to complete a project for him. After considering the amount of time I have spent there (and realizing that much of that time could've been spent searching for a job in Utah county) I have decided that tomorrow it's do or die. I have to finish the project or I won't be doing more work on it. My desire is to remain in Utah county for my own schooling and to stay close to Kayley and so that when we do marry she can be close to her school (Salt Lake Community College at West Jordan).
Fourth, I read a couple of books. The most moving book I read was The Holy Secret by James Farrell. Love and recommend this one. I also finished reading (at long last) the Sherlock Holmes books. A rather quiet and disappointing yet appropriate end to the mast sleuth's career.
Now let us review my last six months. I have now been home from my mission longer than I served. I attended General Conference at the conference center, went on several dates, fell hard once and with the help of the Lord recovered, and finally I'm settling down. The past months have been instructive, challenging and rewarding. Now I look forward to what the next ones will bring!