Saturday, January 15, 2011

To my young friends who are thinking about a mission

All I will say is GO! Get ready, don't look back, and go. The Lord will care for your family, girlfriend, car, stereo, CD's, iPod, etc...but you need to go. There is no greater blessing that awaits you. It will change your life IF you'll go with faith and serve completely. Give it your everything. The Lord will bless you and turn you into a tool for righteousness.
Be aware that if you go, Satan will do all he can to stop you. He'll lie to you, make you worry about school, some girl, your car WHATEVER HE CAN TO DISTRACT YOU. He does NOT want you to reach your full potential as a servant of God. Be faithful. Leave the girls alone, they're trouble until you're ready to get married. That deserves a repeat: LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE!! THEY'RE ONLY GOING TO CAUSE TROUBLE UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!
To the sweet, young sisters that want to serve, you are loved by God. To Him, you become even more precious and beautiful for serving. If it's your desire, go on a mission. Especially if you feel that the Lord wants you to.
Remember you are loved, all of you. Remember that you are able to do so much good if you'll put away the video games, MP3 players, computers, and TV and go do something outside. There's nothing for you in those things. Let them go. Do something good for someone else today.